How to prepare financially for divorce in Indiana

When couples in Indiana divorce, many are extremely concerned about the impact dissolving their marriage will have on their financial stability. However, there are certain steps divorcing spouses can take before issues like the division of property and child custody are addressed to ensure their best financial interests are protected. Steps to take According to […]

Custodial parents entitled to restitution for unpaid child support

The Indiana Supreme Court recently held that a custodial parent may be entitled to restitution based on a child-support arrearage even if the children are no longer dependents at the time the restitution order is issued. The facts The case before the court involved a father of three children who in 2001 was charged with […]

Co-Parenting After a Divorce

Divorce can bring out a lot of emotions, especially when children are involved. When divorcing spouses in Indiana find themselves navigating the maze of co-parenting, things can get confusing. It may take a while before co-parenting goes smoothly, but the following few tips may help the task of co-parenting a little easier. Keep Feelings in […]

Child relocation disputes can be complicated in Indiana

While going through an Indiana divorce can often be a difficult and emotionally draining experience, the period following a divorce or paternity case can frequently prove to be just as challenging if a child is involved – particularly when one of the parents wants to relocate with that child. In circumstances such as this, it […]

Emancipation in Indiana

For those who pay and receive child support in Indiana, the age of emancipation was changed from 21 to 19 years of age – which means that those who are paying child support are not required to pay after the child’s 19th birthday. Supporters of this law said it was based fairness. Parents who are […]

Factors to consider before relocating your children following a divorce

More than anything else, the divorce process presents an opportunity for individuals to make a fresh start. In some cases, this can mean moving to a new city or even a new state. When children are involved, the decision to relocate can be a difficult one. Before making the decision to move to a new […]

Should You Stay Together for the Kids?

People often hear about couples waiting to divorce until after their children are out of the home. Some advocates say that couples who stay in unhappy marriage are actually doing more damage to their children. Therefore, children not only need to be loved, but they need to be brought up in a home full of […]