Child Custody & Child Support Law in Fort Wayne, IN

Where the child lives and who makes decisions about schooling, education and religion can be serious concerns for parents. Parents also worry about how often they will see their children or whether their children will be safe and well-cared for when they are with another parent or care-provider. These are issues that affect decisions about custody and parenting time.

There are different kinds of custody. It's important to understand what each one means and how it will affect both you and your children. As a family law attorney for many years, I can help explain what your options are and help you come up with creative ways to address your concerns.

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Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

Indiana courts frequently use the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines for parenting time orders. It is important to understand what they mean and how they apply to your situation. The Indiana Parenting Guidelines are available to the public on-line and I recommend reviewing them in any case that involves parenting time issues. They are, however, very detailed and parents sometimes find them confusing or overwhelming. Please talk to me to help explain your options and obligations under the Guidelines.

Child Custody Law in Fort Wayne, IN

Child Custody Law in Fort Wayne, IN


A related concern is what will happen if a parent relocates. The parent who has the children most of the time does not want to be trapped in one location only because of the other parent. Common motivations for relocating are due to better job opportunities or more family support. Whether a parent is allowed to relocate depends on the specific individual facts of the case. Factors the court considers include the reason for the relocation, whether the other parent has a history of regularly seeing the children, and if parenting time has been denied or made difficult in the past, as well as whether there's a plan that allows the other parent to still see the children after the relocation.

These can be complicated, fact-based cases. Having an experienced attorney to help you through this process can make a real difference in the outcome.

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