Child Support Law in Fort Wayne, IN

Child Support Law in Fort Wayne, IN

What is a fair amount to pay as a child support obligation?

The amount of child support that is ordered to be paid can be a critical issue both for the person receiving child support and the person paying it. If a person is raising children without much help from the other parent, it can be a real financial hardship for that parent. That parent needs help paying for school, activities and basic essentials like food and keeping a roof over their heads. On the other hand, the parent who is paying child support has financial concerns of his or her own. What if that parent doesn't earn much money or has other children that he or she is also trying to support? What if one of these parents has a live-in partner that pays most of the household bills, leaving that parent with more disposable income that could be used to support the child? Factors like these are issues that you can discuss with me so that I can help you determine what is a fair child support obligation.

Important factors in figuring out child support include: the income of both parents, their ability to work, their work history and education level, the amount paid for child care and the children's health insurance, and whether there are any child support orders issued for other children. For these reasons, when you are meeting with me to discuss a child support obligation, I recommend you bring your recent paystubs and tax returns, as well as any information you have about the cost of day care and health insurance.

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What about modifying child support?

What if a parent loses his or her job or gets a raise? Or what if the switches homes? These are some of the most common reasons to modify child support. For there to be a modification of an existing child support order, there needs to have been a substantial change that will have a real impact on the amount of support ordered.

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