Expungement gives people the opportunity to clear their criminal record of arrests, charges and certain convictions. You only get one chance for expungement in your life so it is important to use a lawyer and get it right. The process can be complex if you are doing it on your own.

As a criminal defense attorney, I am aware of many of nuances and complexities of the expungement process -and its limitations. I am a former prosecutor and public defender. I can help you figure out which offenses are eligible for expungement and how to work through the process successfully.

Record Sealing Can Lead to More Opportunities in the Future

Record Sealing Can Lead to More Opportunities in the Future

When a criminal record is expunged in Indiana, the file is not destroyed. Instead, it is sealed so only the court, police and government agencies can access it. On most job and housing applications in Indiana, you can legally say you were never convicted of a crime.

There are numerous factors the court considers in expungement proceedings. Whether the offense is eligible for expungement depends on issues such as the nature of the crime, how many years have passed since the conviction and whether you have other charges pending. Misdemeanors and certain felonies may be expunged. In general, violent crimes such as murder and sex offenses are not eligible for expungement.

Expunging your record does not necessarily mean you can get a permit for firearms, especially if you had a felony on your record. If this is a concern, please speak with me. There may be other things I can do to restore your firearm privileges.

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